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Describing myself as an “ordinary man”, I Rick Simpson was born in 1949
in Canada, where I worked in the medical field. In 1997 before moving to
Europe in 2013, I began to suffer an important brain injury besides
post-concussion syndrome, which caused me intense and permanent ringing in
the ears, comparable to the noise of a lawn mower, 24/7.
For some time, I took all the medicines prescribed by my doctors, without
success. On the contrary, I felt like those medicines were actually
worsening my situation. In 1999, after watching a T.V. program about
medical marijuana , I called a friend and asked him for a joint.
Surprisingly, I felt much more relieved than when I took the prescribed
medicines for my pathology, so I asked my doctor for a marijuana
prescription. Unfortunately, he flatly refused.
During the subsequent years, the symptoms of my disease worsened, impeding
I to have a normal life. After contemplating suicide, I decided to search
for myself an alternative to improve my health. I reminded how smoking
marijuana relieved me, and began to wonder which would be the effects of a
cannabis concentrate in oil form. I began to grow marijuana plants to make
an extraction from the female flowers, that I started to consume in small
doses every day. The symptoms of my injury quickly relieved, my sleep
improved and both pains and blood pressure lowered. I lost a lot of weight
and even looked fit and healthy. I could finally live a normal life again!!.
In 2003,I underwent surgery because of a skin cancer in my face that I was
suffering for several years. But a few weeks after surgery, the cancer
returned. then tried my marijuana oil applied directly on the skin. A few
days later the cancer had completely dissapeared. Excited by this new, I
told my doctor about it, but he just refused to hear my story.
Soon after, I visited my mother -who suffered from psoriasis for many years
– and applied my cannabis oil on the infected skin area. After a few weeks,
the sores had dissapeared and her skin was healed. I decided then that I
was going to freely share my marijuana oil with all those patients who
asked for it!!
During the first year, I treated 50-60 people with diverse skin problems.
The following year, I treated a man with a severe and inoperable melanoma
(skin cancer) with my oil. This man was healed only three weeks after the
beginning of Rick’s treatment. This person also mentioned that he suffered
from glaucoma, and I recommended him to consume cannabis oil by mouth. The
eye pressure of this patient soon decreased.
I successfully used my marijuana oil in cancer patients, as well as
diabetics. I maintained the treatment until the patients were completely
healed, and soon realized that a dose of 60gram of oil was needed to heal
the most severe diseases.
Since 2003, I Rick Simpson freely proposed my cannabis oil to more than
5000 patients which suffered from diverse diseases such as cancer,
diabetes, melanoma, leukemia, chronic pain, warts, viral and bacterial
infections…with convincing results. I stated that 70% of the patients that
followed my treatment were healed from cancer, by consuming 60gr of high
quality cannabis oil. I Rick also states that in those cases in which it is
too late to heal the disease, my oil – at least – improves the life quality
of the patient, so he/she can die with dignity.
My cannabis oil is a full spectrum plant extract of potent cannabis. It
therefore contains very high levels of THC and other cannabis; easily in
the range of THC 54.8% CBD 10.6% (Indica), depending on the strain that was
used. In addition to high levels of THC and CBD, other cannabis such as CBN
and CBG are also present in concentrated amounts.
So therefore, 100% assured that any patient's disease will be cured within
the required treatment plan of 3 months.

Wish you all the best.